Sketchbook Challenge 2022

I’m thrilled to be involved in this years annual daily sketchbook challenge again hosted by the wonderful Susan of @learninglinocut

Day 21: Insects
I love Christmas beetles. I love their iridescent golden bronze hues and how they appear during the festive season.
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Day 21 Insects
Day 20: Bricks and Tiles
A fantastic quick watercolour using masking fluid to block out the grout. Super fast play with colours 😅
Day 19: At the Park
My two peeps absolutely love treeclimbs – this is their kind of park! And here they are at the first place they ever climbed in NSW nearly 7 years ago. They were both so little then and so darn cute!!
HB pencil.

Day 18: Something you wear
This sketchbook challenge has me choosing many subjects that I find challenging or difficult. For me it’s the combination of perspective and curves 😅 Never giving up! 😆
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Day 17: Clouds
Back to pencil again today to sketch this cumulus cloud.
HB graphite
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Day 16: Batteries
Ok so perhaps a little grim . . . but the scene from my all time favourite movie that made my skin crawl was the human “batteries” that seemed to go on forever.
Reference photo from Google Search and sketch in HB pencil.
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Day 15: Chairs
It’s probably a good thing I don’t have one of these chairs as I’m sure I would while away too much time in it but how I would love one of these at my place. I’ll continue to dream 😘
HB pencil
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Day 14: Something that begins with S
This was an easy choice – a portrait of my daughter. This is one of my favourite photos after one of her gymnastics performances.
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Day 13: Make-up or Toiletries
One of these combs is a must for peeps blessed with curly hobbity hair like me.
HB pencil
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Day 12: Vases & Containers
I have this sweet little antique aluminium milk tin that was my great grandmother’s. Milk was delivered to her and collected into this tin. It sits on a shelf in my kitchen and I just love it!
HB pencil.
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Day 11: Pebbles, Stones & Rocks
Super quick sketch (30mins!) for today as I try to play catch-up – such is the way of school holidays with children 😘
Granite Island is about a 50min drive from me and is a small island off our southern coast linked by a bridge to the mainland. I remember coming here a lot as a child and now I take my children here. The island is a wonderful display of granite boulders with a path winding its way around its perimeter. Rock jumping and clambering on the sheltered side is an absolute must and if you’re very lucky you might still see a fairy penguin!

Pencil and watercolour wash. Reference photo from Google Images.

#30daysketchbookchallenge #30daysketchbookchallenge2022 #taraaitkenart #dailysketch #graniteisland

Day 10: Something Pink
Ok so I got lazy with the hair uggh 😆 . . . Otherwise pretty happy with this sketch. I kept thinking of pink lips for this prompt and decided to do a full face. Reference photo from a google search. Watercolour.
#30daysketchbookchallenge #30daysketchbookchallenge2022 #taraaitkenart #instaart #dailysketch

Day 9: Something made of glass
Only 2 days behind now!! 😅
I have these beautiful Venetian glass lollies that a friend brought back from Europe for me.
Watercolour and gouache for highlights
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Day 8: Twigs and Branches
Possibly a stretch on the prompt but I thought of this succulent that I have with its knobbly “branch” stem and head of the softest dusky pink leaves with mint and soft blues and then contrasted with the older leaves in the apricot golds. I fell in love with this plant in the care of one of my closest friends and I propagated my own from her mother plant – makes me think of her every time I look at it so it’s precious indeed 🥰
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Day 7: Food Packets
Best honey in SA I say! I enjoyed this sketch of my favourite honey and look forward to more practice with bottles and glass. It’s a tricky thing but hopefully the effect is enough 😘
Watercolour with white gel pen.
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Day 6: Hats
A beautiful moment captured between my daughter and her great grandfather, my poppa on Christmas Day 2018. Precious memories and while I was going to paint the entire picture, after I painted in the paper crowns I felt no need to go any further. The emotion captured was all I needed 💞
#30daysketchbookchallenge  #30daysketchbookchallenge2022  #taraaitkenart  #artofinstagram  #greatgrandparentlove  #pencildrawing

Day 5: Cake
Well I finally finished this small painting after many interruptions. Funny but this is the first cupcake I’ve ever put to paper and I really enjoyed playing with those buttery swirls. Now if only I could pull it out of the paper and indulge 😋
Watercolour + gouache
Day 4: Feathers
A bit of play today for this prompt with watercolours, pigma micron pen and white ink.
Day 3: Nuts and Seeds
How amazing are peach seeds in all their lumpy bumpy glory! My peaches aren’t ready for harvest yet so this is an image from the interweb. Watercolour.
Day 2: Mug or Cup
My all time favourite cup is from my sake set. This is a set handmade in Japan, and a wonderful momento of my trip there, using traditional clay and firing techniques. The play between the red sienna colours and blue greys is beautiful. Watercolour 😘
Day 1: Pens
So for my first sketch for 2022 I chose to draw one of my recently purchased nib pens which was a bit more interesting for me to draw than a standard pen.